April 24th 2021

April 24th 2021

Today was a beautiful day to get into the water. Sunny skies, 14C and next to no wind (I think I may have gotten a bit of a sunburn on my face!). We decided to pack up our gear and hit the water in search of some new sites and places to teach courses. 

The site we explored today is off the Salt Dock trail in Parry Sound. Entry and Exit are a bit tricky as the path to the water is rocky but we will be working on creating a friendlier path in and out.

We hit 50ft today. We definitely could have gone deeper but we didn't anticipate how dark it was going to be. This is a dive to continue another day so we can bring flashlights and see if we can hit 130ft. Visibility is approximately 15ft but a hard sand bottom meaning less silt stirred up with novice divers. The area is somewhat sheltered from the wind, depending on which way the wind is blowing. Surface temperature today was a balmy 44C and bottom temperature was 42C. Getting out of the water into the sun is such a great feeling!

P.S. I definitely need more practice with the new camera, getting used to the buttons as I clearly used the wrong filter to get pictures today!

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