Diving the S.S. Wexford

Diving the S.S. Wexford

On Sunday July 4th 2021 we went for 2 dives on the S.S. Wexford, leaving out of Grand Bend.

This wreck has to be one of my favourites so far! With so much to see and the depth being 60-80 feet, it is beautiful with decent visibility. The water temperature wasn't as cold as we expected with the surface being 67 degrees and at depth between 47 and 53 (depending on where you were). With 2 dives done on the wreck, we only saw approximately half leaving tons more to explore. 

 The Wexford wreck  is a 250′ steel freighter.  Located about  7 miles (11 km) Northwest of Grand Bend, in Lake Huron, Ontario, it combines history and tragedy with an adventurous and unforgettable dive.

The Wexford was one of eight ships that were lost with all hands in Lower Lake Huron, the worst hit, during the “Great Storm of 1913” (November 8-10).  She was carrying a  cargo of 96,00 bushels of wheat bound for the Port of Goderich.  So severe and wide ranging was this storm that it was dubbed the “White Hurricane”, and it is recognized as the worst storm in the recorded history of the Great Lakes. Waves were reported to reach 35′ high. In the end, 248 sailors lost their lives (188 in Lake Huron) when their ships went down.  The Wexford lost all 18 hands, along with 2 guests hitching a ride home. Ironically, it was the oldest ship to go down, with the youngest crew (most were in their 20’s, with one in his 30’s).

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