June 2nd 2021

June 2nd 2021

Today we hopped in the boat bright and early to head out to the site of the Waubuno wreck for 2 dives. 

The first dive was where the Waubuno first hit ground, leaving a trail of carnage and the chain on the bottom. It is reported that there is still an anchor in this area but we didn't find it on this dive. The rock formations were really neat to see and there was black sand ripples along the bottom with absolutely no silt or algae. The chain on the bottom is very long with almost half of our dive spent following it to see if there was an anchor at the end. We hit a max depth of 44ft, surface temperature of 55 degrees and temperature at depth of 50 degrees. Our dive time on this dive was 30 mins. Visibility.....AMAZING!!

The second dive was where the hull of the Waubuno purportedly rests. The hull is visible from the surface, with a max depth of 12ft. The hull is a bit broke but still mostly intact. A few larger bass were swimming along the bottom of the wreck and there was a bit of silt and algae but nothing too bad (not like the inside of the Big Sound). Our dive lasted about 20 mins with a temperature of 50 degrees.  

Overall, it was a very relaxing day of diving. 2 beautiful dives, calm waters, sun and warmth to get out too...just a perfect day!

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