May 26th 2021

This afternoon we decided to go for a dive along the wall at the Old Town Beach in Parry Sound. It was wavy and windy but once we got 6 feet under, you couldn't feel the waves any longer. This is my first deep dive along the wall so I wanted to check and see if it would be an appropriate area to do deep adventure dives as part of the advanced course. Although we could easily hit 90+ feet, it is not somewhere I would choose to take students. It is definitely very dark and murky the deeper you go. We hit 90 feet and 42 degrees. On the way down and back up there were quite a few bass swimming around but the deeper we went the less we saw following the rocks. We hit the biggest thermocline at 30 feet. This is definitely a dive I would do again with experienced divers but not an area I would take students for depth.
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