Padi Specialty and Experience Courses

Other Courses

Discover Scuba

Try scuba diving before committing to a full course.

Project AWARE

Learn about protecting the environment.

Discover Local Diving

Learn about local sites and take a guided dive.

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Practice your buoyancy skills and gain a specialty.

Drysuit Diver

Learn the skills needed to safely dive in a drysuit. **Free with the purchase of a drysuit**

Enriched Air Diver

Learn how to analyze and safely dive with air containing 22%-40% oxygen.

Self-Reliant Diver

Although the safest way to dive is using the buddy system, there are times when you need to dive solo. Learn about potential risks and risk management as well as diving with redundant equipment in this course.

Wreck Diver

Learn how to map, assess, penetrate and safely dive a shipwreck to avoid hazards, preserve the shipwreck and safely navigate inside and around the shipwreck.

Sidemount Diver

Learn about sidemount systems and how to dive with a sidemount setup. **Ask about our deals on complete sidemount setups**

Deep Diver

Learn about the effects of pressure and depth and how to safely dive within our limits while completing dives to a maximum of 130 feet.

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