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XDeep NX700 LS200 Regulator Set

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The xDeep NX700 LS200 Regulator Set is a high performance regulator designed for exceptionally easy work of breathing, ease of use and maintenance and cold water performance.

The Primary goal in creating the XDEEP scuba regulator was to design first stage body that will allow for ideal hose routing for each dive configuration.

Regardless of your configuration needs, the NX700 stage can route beautifully, whether you need primary, secondary, sidemount, backmount, stage or deco gas regulator now you can use same XDEEP regulator and have it fitted like it was designed for that purpose.

A front swivel can be locked any time which makes house routing so clean and easy. The First stage is not only innovation in this awesome scuba regulator, the high performance second stage features unique solutions like incorporated a bungee mount.

XDEEP scuba regulator will surely satisfy everyone.

Choose from a Recreational Singles Regulator Set, a Sidemount or a Doubles Regulator Package.

Regulator Set only includes first stage(s) and second stages.  Hose Kit and SPG will have to be purchased additionally. For our XDeep regulators, hoses and SPG can be purchased at special pricing levels.